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Prior to Booking

When you book...

When you book with me here is what you need to know.

1) If you are looking to do a video call, you must contact me.  Whether that be through my social media sites or via e-mail  Video calls will be done either through FaceTime, Facecbook messenger or Zoom.  You MUST allow at least 3 days in advance notice in order to book this, or your request for video call will be declined.  

The reason for this, is that I am a mother of three and also may have appointments in my personal life that need to be attended.  

Video call is NOT a same day reading option! 

2) Same day readings can only be done through text document.  Text document also includes a picture of your cards as well.  Please allow at least a full 12 hours from the time of booking until the time of completion of your reading.  This allows me to find a time during the day where I can focus solely on your reading so I can bring the best clarity to your situation.

3) Paintings:  I require a picture ("selfie") in order to do a indepth reading like this.  Pictures sent will be deleted after reading is finished.  Paintings take 4-6 business days to complete.  Tracking for your parcel may be requested, but at the clients cost.  I am not responsible for how long it takes for your painting to arrive.  I may ask if I can utilize your painting as part of my portfolio to show other potential clients.  You have the right to decline.  Free shipping is only within Canada and United States, all other shipping will be an extra cost to the client.  Once painting is complete I will get in touch with you via e-mail to get a shipping address.

4)  The future is always changing and is not set in stone.  There could be outside influences that I have no control over that may change the outcome of your reading.  I am not responsible for these changes, and I am not responsible for your actions/behaviours after your reading.

5) I will not read on pregnancy, death, legal or health matters.  These matters are either left with Universe or to medical professionals.  I will also not read on third parties as this is a breech of their own personal energies.

6) I will not share anything about your reading to others as this is a breech of confidentiality.  I keep all readings confidential, in order to ensure the safety of the client.  

7) I have the right to decline a reading.   In the event I decline a reading, I will refund your money.  I do not need to explain as to why I declined.

8) Be courteous, kind and respectful.  I will not tolerate any slander, harassment or bullying.  

9) I will always be open to answering questions in regards to my services, in order to give you clarity into which service may be best for you.  

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