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Jasmine F.–
Intuitive and Channel

Jasmine has been an intuitive since she was a young child.  Her need to want to assist others came very early on and working with energy became very natural.  

Jasmine has been called to share her gifts with others and that is what she intends to do.  

With over twenty years of experience of reading tarot, facilitating energy, working with past life and spirit guides; she wants to be able to provide guidance and answers to all those who come to see her.

She has been raised on the Indigenous teachings and utilizes them still to this day.  Incorporating Celtic and Norse practices within her spiritual path.  She uses the Universal and Divine energies while working with others and assisting them and giving them guidance as well as healing.  

You can also read an interview done by Taryn through this link below:

Travelling through the spirit realm with Jasmine as our guide - Ko-fi ❤️ Where creators get support from fans through donations, memberships, shop sales and more! The original 'Buy Me a Coffee' Page.

Check out Jasmine's podcast interview with The Spirit World Center here:

Interview #48 | Physical Clairvoyance and the Spirits (with Jasmine) - The Spirit World Center Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

The Spirit World Center Podcast: Interview #48 | Physical Clairvoyance and the Spirits (with Jasmine) on Apple Podcasts

What Jasmine Covers:

What Spirit wants you to know for your journey




Past Lives: Time frame.  What you were like and symbology.

Spirit Guides: What they look like - What messages they have for you



Releasing of negative energy and facilitation of positive energy

Come check me out on Facebook "Jasmine's Eternal Circle" page, Twiiter @psychicmommy, Instagram jasmines_eternalcircle and check out my YouTube channel Jasmine F or my Tik Tok jasmineseternalcircle

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