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Akashic Records - My experience and opinion

Akashic Records

There is a very big buzz when one people talk about the Akashic Records, especially now that there is so much literature on the subject then there was prior to when I was younger. Some of this information is accurate, while others I would take with a very small grain of salt.

There is a lot of belief surrounding that there is only one Akashic record in existence. This place is where you can go to get a hold of information on your past lives and contracts of those lives, along with the contract of this life. You can gather information pertaining to spirit guides that you are working with there as well and their contracts with you. Basically, getting know what your “purpose” is in this life and better understand what path you are on. Understand though everyone has free will and can choose to have alternate paths that will take them through different journey’s that aren’t stated in their “contract”.

I’m here to bend this false claim that there is one Akashic Record.

The first place my mother took me to through meditation, she called “The library” (which she basically made it simple for me to understand as I was six at the time). This record keeping place was not a place of past lives or contracts – however a place of texts upon texts that have been put on this plane of existence, or had yet to be put on this plane of existence. One can walk up this record keeper and ask where to find a certain text and they would point you in the direction.

Later down the road I found myself in different spiritually visiting other record keeping places. Ones that were more specific. Such as for example a record place of different entities, dimensions and protective measures. Books on different plants from those dimensions and how to heal wounds from different types of entities.

There’s a record keeping place just for the Angelic realm as well. The logging of all creations, battles, magic’s, prophecies and so on and so forth. However, one must be working verily closely with the Angelic and usually they are the ones that pick what you see, not so much a requesting that one can put in from my experience.

These are just a couple of examples of different record keeping sites.

There are planes of existence as well that also have almost like a downloadable way into the different records as well. Specifically, this downloadable method is used amongst the extraterrestrials, as they tend to like to get things done quickly without a wait time.

Now do I believe that the information we get from these records out there belong to us and should be for our consumption? No.

The reason why I believe it shouldn’t be for our consumption is because, well we can be reckless with the information we receive. And unless we are extremely gifted at automatic writing or channeling it would be difficult to bring back that information fully in one piece and have it make sense. Not all information should be in our hands. It and would take more than a hundred life times to gather that information. Not to mention some of it is very complex that the human mind might have a hard time wrapping their minds around it. Thirdly if said information were to get into the wrong hands…I’m sure there would be some sort of chaos and repercussions.

Hence why we have spirit guides and middle men to give us doses of information at a time. They may direct us to these different record rooms from time to time, or we may just take off ourselves in search of information that we can’t find here using the all mighty web.

I’m all for learning and especially learning through spirit, but some information that is out in the spirit plane – should just be for our soul to learn period. That information was meant for our soul, not to be shared for fame or fortune. I suppose that’s why I struggle with the concept of the Akashic Records, because so many people think its in one place and about one thing…when its not. I know that some people out there, given the chance would utilize these other sacred places of knowledge in order to make a dime off of them by making a book.

This sacred information….these wisdoms, these teachings; that we can access should be used for our own soul’s growth. For our own development, our spiritual journey. Now I’m not trying to gatekeep…as I’m always up for questions, but I value Universe and the spirit realms to not undermine them and steal their knowledge for my own gain and profit.

And with that…I wish you all safe travels.

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