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Aura's and their meanings

Let’s chat about Aura’s. Aura’s are the energetic field around a person’s physical vessel. It is the energy that this individual puts forth. This energy can change day to day, influenced by emotions or external influences. It can change when we experience burn out, feelings of angst, depression or we are going through a stressful period. It can also be influenced by spiritual awakening and “upgrading”. An aura that is close to the body would suggest that the individual is more introverted or guarded, whilst a bigger aura would suggest that the person is more outgoing as a person and is more open to others around them.

The one thing that drives me absolutely bonkers is when there will be a reader who will state the colour of your aura, but 1) will use one colour (its verily rare where a person will have one colour) and 2) they will not go in depth about the colour they are seeing. When we talk colours and vibrancy of colours they all have different meanings.

Aura’s consist of seven different layers or levels. Each layer has its own unique frequency and are interrelated with ones feelings, emotions, thinking, behaviour and health. One that is out of balance will put the others into imbalance as well.

The seven bodies:

Physical auric body – Physical sensations. Associated with comfort, pleasure and health.

Etheric auric body – Emotions in respect to self such as self-love and acceptance.

Vital auric body – The rational mind.

Astral (emotional) body – Relations with others. (Family and friends)

Lower mental auric body – Divine will within. To make the commitment to speak and follow the truth.

Higher mental auric body – Divine love and spiritual ecstasy.

Spiritual (intuitive) body – Divine mind. The connection to divine mind and understanding the greater universal pattern.

Now below we will discuss the colours and what can be interpreted as.


Relates to physical body, heart or circulation. This colour creates the most friction, meaning it can either attract or repels. It can attract or repel things such as money worries, obsessions, anger, unforgiveness, anxiety or nervousness.

Deep Red: The individual is grounded, realistic, survival-oriented and has strong will-power.

Muddied red: Anger, or anger issues.

Clear red: Energetic, powerful, sexual and passionate.

Orange red: Confident and perhaps has creative power.

Because pink is an underlying tone in red and if we look at a bright pink its associated with love, sensitivity, artistic, purity and compassion. It can also be an indicator of clairaudience.

If the pink is muddy or dark it can mean that the individual can be dishonest in nature or possibly immature.


Related to reproductive organs and emotions. It is associated with vitality, vigor, good health and excitement. Can mean the individual a lot of energy, is adventurous, and outgoing socially.

Orange Yellow: Is associated with creativeness, detailed-oriented, intelligent and perhaps an individual whom can be seen as perfectionist.

Dark or Muddy orange: Possibly dealing with stress related to addiction. The individual may have also experienced SA at some point in their life as well.


Relates to life energy and spleen. The colour is associated with awakening, inspiration, intelligence, playful, easy-going and optimism.

Light/pale yellow: Spiritual awakening is possibly emerging with psychic abilities. The individual may be optimistic and full of hopefulness. Individual may also seem to have excitement when it comes to new ideas.

Bright lemon: This individual may be struggling with controlling or maintaining power in work related or relationship related areas. This individual may also be experiencing fear of losing control, respect or power.

Clear gold metallic, shiny and bright: Spiritual energy awakened and activated. This individual may also be feeling inspired.

Dark brown yellow or gold: An individual who may be in the student role and is straining at studying. Perhaps over analytical to getting the point of burn out or fatigue.


Relates to the heart and lungs. It is a comforting and nurturing. Usually the individual is going through growth and balance (which often leads to change). Individuals with green are usually people who love those around them and people in general, animals and nature.

Bright emerald green: This individual may have the potential of being a healer either intentionally or unintentionally. They are also a love-centered individual.

Yellow-green: Individual uses their heart in order to create and manifest. They are often seen to be communicative.

Dark/muddy forest green: Often associated with individuals whom are jealous, resentful and like to play the victim. They may even have low self-esteem and insecurities. They tend to shy away from personal responsibilities and are sensitive to personal criticism.

Turquoise: Relates to the immune system. This individual may tend to be sensitive, compassionate and a natural healer as well.


Related to the throat and thyroid. Individuals with blue may seem cool, calm and collected. They tend to be caring, loving, enjoy helping others, are sensitive and intuitive.

Soft blue: These individuals may seem to experience peacefulness, have clarity and be able to communicate with ease. They are often truth and intuitive.

Bright royal blue: Usually a signifier towards someone whom may possess clairvoyance. They tend have a highly spiritual nature. They are often generous and seem to be on the right path when it comes to their spiritual journeys and life in general.

Dark/muddy blue: Relates to fear of the future. Fear of self-expression and fear of facing/speaking the truth.


Related to the third eye, visual or pituitary gland. Individuals may tend to be intuitive, sensitive and feel deeply.

Violet: related to crown, pineal gland and nervous system. This individual is intuitive, possibly has psychic power and is attuned with their self. They may tend to have traits of being a visionary, idealistic, artistic and magical.

Lavender: Individuals may have a very big imagination. They tend to be visionaries and also day dreamers.

Bright metallic silver: Individuals are stepping into abundance both spiritually and physically. A lot of silver can reflect to plenty of money, and/or awakening of the cosmic mind.

Dark/muddy grey: Individual may be having an accumulation of fear, with the potential of health problems. Health problems may come up as grey clusters seen in a specific area of the body.

Gold colour: Divine enlightenment and protection. When seen in aura it is said they are being guided by their highest good. Related to protection, wisdom, inner knowledge, spiritual mind, and an intuitive thinker.

Black: Draws or pulls energy away and in doing so can transform it. It can indicate long-term unforgiveness towards others or another. If it is seen within a specific part of the body it can lead to health problems. This can also be an indicator of entities within a person’s aura, chakra or body. Could be an indicator that the individual is experiencing past life hurts or even unreleased grief from abortions if it appears within the ovaries.

White: Reflects other colours. Often represents a new and not designated energy yet within the aura. The individual may be spiritual, work with higher dimensions and angels. They often are people of purity and truth. (this colour is verily rare as we age…this colour can see mostly in children and babies)

White sparkles or flashes: May indicate angels are nearby or a person will soon be pregnant.

Earth colours: An individual whom has a deep love and connectedness with the Earth. Individuals whom are often grounded and enjoying working outdoors.

Rainbows: A possible individual whom may be or become an reiki healer or someone experiencing their first incarnation on Earth.

Pastels: This individual may be sensitivity and needs are high for serenity.

Dirty Brown overlay: Individual may be holding onto energies and insecurities. They may also be feeling fatigue, burn out and have possible illness if its clustered in a specific spot.

Dirty Grey overlay: An individual who is usually guarding or blocking energies. Can be an indicator for severe illness such as cancers.

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