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Crystal set up - "Now where should you go??"

Setting up crystals sounds a bit ridiculous doesn’t it? However, I can tell you this that each crystal as we know carries their own vibration – therefore they are individual and unique.

Therefore, it would make sense that just like our connections with people, that crystals would have certain love and hate connections with other crystals.

How do you know? This requires being able to sense intuitively or even feeling with your hands and the being able to feel the energy. If one crystal feels like it pulls away from another crystal, or one crystal feels like it is overtaking the other with its energy; it’s probably best not to set these crystals together. The one that is pulling/pushing away means they don’t like the other crystal that you plan to set it next to. The crystal that tries to overtake the other crystal by its own energy is more likely to do harm to it. What can happen and from my own experience is that if the crystals do not mesh together and you don’t listen, then one of the crystals will end up cracking or even obliterating from the force of the other crystal.

There is a soft type of vibrational frequency, which I usually associate rose quartz with this type of vibration.

There is a deep vibration frequency – I associate black tourmaline with or even the normal Earth rocks you bring home from a walk in the forest.

Then there is the high pitch vibrations – I associate high pitch’s with herkermire diamond and usually crystals that are known to be associated with angel work.

There is the zoomy vibration (yes I know it sounds funny, but I think of that one person who is all over the place and can’t sit still) – I associate that with space crystals such as moldavite.

It would be best to get to know your crystals one on one, so you can better understand their vibrational feeling. Understand what type of energy they send off. Try to get to know their vibration as well as what they can be used for.

Once you get the sense between the different feelings, then you can begin fiuring out which crystal can place nicely with another. Crystals may even give you a quick glimpse in the minds eye where they wish to be placed. You could even play the game hot/cold by using your intuition and gut feeling. “Can you sit here?” If you get the tight feeling in your gut that means no. If it’s relaxed then it’s a yes.

Remember to connect with your crystals as much as possible. They aren’t just there to be eye-pleasing, they are there to help you on your journey. When they lay untouched for a long while that’s when their energy goes inwards and becomes stagnant. The way to recharge and switch this energy is by “bathing them”. You’ll have to do your research when it comes to crystals and water as not all crystals do well with a salt bath or even plain old water. You can use a sound bath or even a smoke bath as well (using appropriate materials that is). You can even using universal energy and bring it down and hold the crystal in your hands and blow on them. Once you feel their energy coming back outwards then you know they are good to start working again.

In my previous post it talks about programming and using a self-cleaning program on crystals that will allow it, is always a good thing to try out and I highly recommend it – so that way you can cycle physical cleaning a bit better. Instead of filling a bathtub full of crystals!

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