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Crystals - Healing energy for the Mind

This week we will be looking at crystals and how they may assist us with balancing our mental and/or emotional states. Things to keep in mind when working with crystals is that it isn’t going to magically cure any ailments or conditions that you have but it may assist or calm them if you are able to tap into their energy and create a bond with that crystal or those crystals.

Just like last time I will be picking a few of the most common crystals that people may be familiar with and then I will be doing my picks.

Agate: It helps overcome negativity and bitterness of the heart. It assists with emotional trauma. Heals inner anger. Gives one courage and fosters self love in order to start again. Facilitates acceptance of one’s self. Aids in self-confidence.

Amethyst: Balances emotional highs and lows. Dispels emotions such as anger, fear, rage, and anxiety. It also assists someone going through loss or a time of grief and sadness. It can assist with those who have a lack of motivation or feel over stimulated and stressed (dependent on how the user needs what from the stone).

Bloodstone: Helps with grounding out negative emotions from the heart such as irritability, aggressiveness and impatience. Calms the mind and dispels confusion. It aids in decision making. Also revitalized the mind when one is exhausted.

Carnelian: This stone is a protector against other people’s or your own emotions of rage, envy and/or resentment. Calms anger and banishes emotional negativity. It can remove the fear of death and replace it with an acceptance of the cycle of life. Promoter of positive life choices. Assists you in trusting yourself. Helps overcome negative conditioning.

Citirine: Raises self-esteem and confidence. Removes self-destructive tendencies. Encourages self-expression. Helps in developing a positive attitude. A good stone for overcoming depression, fear and phobias. Promotes inner calm and joy in life. Assists in overcoming fears of responsibility and stops anger. Helps one become emotionally balanced.

Hematite: Helps those who are timid and boosts self-esteem. Enhances willpower and reliability. Imparts confidence. It aids in the stimulation of concentration and focus. Memory enhancer. This stone is helpful for those who over-indulge, whether that be with spending, eating, smoking (ect.). Helps with coming to terms with making mistakes and accepting them as part of your learning.

Jade: Releases negative thoughts and soothes the mind. Stimulates the mind with ideas and makes tasks less complex. Aids in emotional release, especially in irritability.

Malachite: Enhances intuition and insight. Alleviates mental disturbances (also assisting in psychiatric illnesses). Malachite can help with combating dyslexia. Makes you more observant and helps with absorbing and processing information. Alleviates shyness and assists in expressing feelings. Helps one develop empathy with other people. It can bring about deep emotional healing. It may make moods more intense, and quick to change.

Moonstone: Soothes emotional instability and stress. Stabilizes the emotions. It can draw out old emotional patterning so it can be dissolved.

Rose Quartz: Releases unexpressed emotions and heartache. Soothes internalized pain. Assists in making your heart more receptive to love. Comforts you during grief. Teaches you to love yourself (especially if you think you are unlovable). An encouraging stone for self-forgiveness and acceptance. Great for self-trust and worth.

Jasmine’s Picks:

Azurite: Clears stress, grief, sadness, worry and allows more light into the emotions. Brings an understanding as to why fears and phobias happened in the first place and transmutes them. Calms someone who is a nervous talker; or encourages someone who withholds self-expression. Assists in stimulating one’s memory. Releases long-standing blocks in communication.

Chrysophase: Overcomes impulsive or compulsive thoughts and actions. Gives one acceptance of others and self. Useful for forgiveness and compassion. Prevents you from speaking out unthinkingly in anger. Prevents nightmares (especially in children). Brings a sense of security and trust. Useful in healing codependence and supports independence and encourages commitment. Assists in healing the inner child and the releasing those emotions locked since childhood. Reduces claustrophobia.

Iolite: Assists in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction. Helps express your true self, freed from expectations/judgements from those around you.

Turquoise: It promotes self-realization, creative problem-solving. Assists in public speaking. Dissolves the martyred attitude or self-sabotage. It can instill inner calm while remaining alert. Aids in creative expression. It is excellent for exhaustion, depression or panic attacks.

Snow Quartz: Assists in letting go of overwhelming responsibilities and limitations. Perfect for people who “need to be needed” when they feel like they don’t actually want that role but secretly they do. Can help overcome martyrdom and victim mentality. Enhances tact and cooperation.


The Crystal Bible, A definitive guide to Crystals, By: Judy Hall, 2003

Love is in the Earth, A kaleidoscope of crystals, By: Melody, 2004

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