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Exploring out of the the primary chakra's

Fourth and Fifth dimension Chakras

When we talk about dimensions we need to look at it this way. They say our world was created from the big bang and instantly created into existence the first dimension then after time a second dimension was created and finally what we know today to be the third dimension was created. Earth is also considered as first chakra (chakra zero) = physical existence.

Third dimension offers a slow down process , so thought processes can be used and understood about creation. These chakras are the basic chakras that are talked about in many different settings. The first one (base/root); second (polarity/sacral); third (solar plexus); the fourth (heart); the fifth (throat and or communication); the sixth (third eye); lastly the seventh (the crown)

For the fourth dimension it starts at the eighth chakra known as the seat of the soul and is considered to be on a different level all together. In the fourth dimension, the seat of the soul is really the Earth.

The ninth chakra is known as the body of light. We once again start at the base level (root chakra level) but it is now in your cellular and subcellular structure that these next chakra’s are being looked at.

Tenth chakra known as the integration of polarities (this is where the second chakra would be; sacral). Here is where this is where the functioning and balancing act between male and female energies are found. “A good metaphor for this is the juggler, who moves his body to balance whatever he’s juggling.” It is not about forcing the energy and maintaining the female and male energy to be completely equal, rather letting that energy flow in and out effortlessly, in different amounts while processing balance. Think of it as the infinity symbol. These polarities then enter the heart chakra which then allows more of the soul’s energy to become more available to you.

Eleventh chakra represents the new age (solar plexus). The chakra birthed into physical existence the fourth dimensional energy or birth of spirit. Third chakra or solar plexus assists us in working with past-life experiences and everything that has been imprinted in the Earth. Past-life information is meant to guide us and teach us in our new lives. However sometimes the trauma’s caused in past-lives can be very overwhelming and hard to let go of. When utilizing the eleventh chakra though with the third, it helps these waves of emotions roll through and you can simply just learn from your past-life without impact on your physical vessel. Unlike just experiencing it per-say on the third chakra level, where traumas, emotions, what have you are more easily to attach and could cause an impact on the physical vessel.

Twelfth chakra known as Christ consciousness. (heart chakra) This is transformational energy that connects all energy forms. This energy is so adaptable that even the Source can recognize it. Source/Universe/God ect.

The thirteenth chakra = manifesting vibratory communication (throat chakra). This chakra is what you would consider for teleportation, materialization and dematerialization. Masters in the Far East use this for healing. It creates spontaneous healing for humanity. (Chanting monks) Manifestation through vibration or tones is different than just speaking a string of words.

Fourteenth Chakra (third eye). This chakra begins to bring in the fifth dimension. Allows the mental mind to surrender. Clairvoyance is seen in the third dimension and helps us see beyond personality, being able to make us more aware of what is around us or beyond us. Perhaps even being able to assist others in seeing what is ahead for them. But on the fourth dimension it allows us to see what we are personally able to see

The fifteenth chakra (the crown); known as the Monadic Connection. This is the new spiritual connection for this dimension, but remember we are trying to intergrate these chakras together. It is time to question yourself and see how often you can go through the chakras and deal with aspects with of your soul. Be able to look at it and listen to the many different aspects with awareness. The universal being will then choose whether to stay in physical existence or not.

The fifth dimension simply put is for spirit simply put. There is no physical vessel. To look at it in a different way. Earth is the densest form which would be third dimension, then would have our fourth dimension which would be the seat of the soul (so our spirit body being able to come and go from our physical body basically) and then at the fifth dimension it is nothing but light being or spirit (no physical vessel) However even with that being stated there are still chakras for the light being or the “ascended”. Let me make this very clear…being ascended means you are no longer physically present on this plane of existence. You are back to being in the hands of the Universe. Stardust.

This is 100% spirit now and this will not be completely obtained on this plane of existence until we fufill out roles and contracts we have made for here first. We may be able to bask in some of this higher fifth dimension chakra work, but not fully mesh it as our minds will have hard time to wrapping around each concept and accepting each concept.

Sixteenth and Seventeenth chakra’s are the ascension process and the choice. Seventeen is the universal light which correlates with the base chakra. There is genetic coding within this chakra that not only available not only on this planet but within the universe itself. This light seeks expression and expansion. However it is diccifult to perceive the speed of which this light moves at as the changes are constant – like that of technology. When the changes are too fast we face opposition from the mass consciousness which makes the process of change slower.

The Eighteenth Chakra is known as the divine intent. It becomes united with our heart chakra. Having allowed this energy to be activated within you brings about the structure of ideal and divine intent. There are no polarities here as this is all purely divine intent. Very much a form of pure feeling of a type of manifestation.

The Nineteenth Chakra is universal energy. The Christ consciousness is expanding energy in both fourth and fifth dimensions universally. This energy is felt by those who allow the new Source energy come this Source. Through every being part there is. Soul and physical levels. It’s obviously not the only way to feel Universal energy but it is one way.

The Twentieth Chakra is beingness. Found in third dimension where you need to communicate and fourth where you were able to communicate but in a more expanded vibration of light energy. In the fifth dimension there is no need for this exchange. No need for communication. Communication is not needed during a state of beingness.

Twenty-First Chakra is creating from a point of evolution. More so resolution. When you get to the fifth dimension the sense of being clairavoyant and seeing the divine plan in the fourth dimension is not warranted here. You are now seeing beyond and learning all that took place during the divine structure. So you get to see the blue prints before they are handed off essentially to the foreman. The foreman gets to the blueprints after and then the workers underneath the foreman get to a glimpse of that plan to understand what’s going on well enough in different sections.

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