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Fairies and My Experience - Part 1

My dealings with the fae:

I have dealt with them for an extremely long time. One does not capture faeries that is cruel. You let them decide if they wish to follow you. My fairies friends tend to stay behind at friends places sometimes to assist them through hard times. They create joy, laughter, help with plants (although they sometimes love the plants a bit too much as plants there and here are a bit different). They can assist in sleep, healing and protection. Never under estimate a fierce fae (especially fire kind). They are great Teachers in the elements and the teachings of respect in the elements, and more than that. They are however mischievous... for example: taking my car keys, my lighters, coins or other shinny things. I ask for them back and they get put back in the same spot where I left it.

Offerings for fairies fall on every Solitice or full moon. Full moon is connection with Fae royalty such as Queens and Kings and when the viel is thinner.

Earth fae offerings: coins, yogurt, honey, berries, sweets, sweet smelling flowers.

Fire fae offerings: Flint, rock or carnelion ( they'll take the energy of the crystal), yellow Apple, lit insecense. Lava rock. Copper.

Water fae offerings: small bowl of water, lapis crystal or river rock, berries, pearls, shells, lily pad or a cat tail that is fluffy not hard.

Air fae offerings: feathers, marshmellows, light fluffy pastries, earrings, citrine, butterfly wings or wings of an insect. Silver shinny things.

Light fae offerings: Gold, flowy materials like silk, cream or milk, chocolate, birch tree bark, flowers especially yellow or white.

Dark fae offerings: bone, hide, furs, ash, meat ( raw or cooked), gold or silver coins, purple flowers, blackberries.

Now keep in mind that these offerings are more or so as a thank you can try to call the fae by gifting but it may take more than once as they are Cautious entities when it comes to humans and new environments. I will forewarn that dark fae do leech energy so if you attempt to make a connection with them, be sure to hook them up to an alternate energy source that isn't you.

Another way to get closer to the fairies to build them their own home or structure. Get natural materials, such as sticks/branches, leaves, rocks ect. You can use hot glue (they don’t mind as it’s the intent that you are building it for them). And be creative with your house building. They enjoy a cozy structure just like any other living thing and they actually get very excited over it. My structure I had made in high school pottery class. Making my structure out of clay and shaping it into a rather decent size mushroom styled home. My main fairy enjoys it very much an it houses his family. You can tuck a crystal (which ever is calling to be tucked inside) to add as a beacon for them as well. The literally get excited like a little child over big celebrations.

If you have a green thumb they also appreciate a nice garden or well kept house plants. They enjoy assisting with plant life (however they may love the plants a bit too much with vigor and accidently kill them). If you grow a rose bush you are connecting closer with Earth Fairy Queen. Grow Sunflowers or Brown Eyed Susans your growing a closer to the Air Fairy Queen. Grow Bleeding Hearts or Poppy’s your growing a closer connection the Fire Fairy Queen. If you grow purple Flox or Hydrangea’s your building a closer connection to the Water Fairy Queen. Peony’s a closer Connection to the Light Fairy Queen. Creeping Ivy or Queen of the Night will be a closer connection to the Dark Fairy Queen.

Fairies may take awhile to warm up to those who aren’t naturally aligned to the fairy energy, and will want to test you before deciding whether or not they want to build a bond with you. You may need to also ask for language device of some sort if you go one meditations as each language amongst the fae elements are different. This device will help be able to translate and communicate between yourself and the fae. It is worth the patience to develop the bond between fairies and yourself if your serious about building a bond.

Things to avoid…

Fairy rings. This rings can be found on our mundane planet. They are made out of mushrooms and are particulary set up in a circular shape. It is said if you set inside a mushroom ring that the fairies will capture and take you away to their realm forever. Setting in a fairy ring however is a sign of disrespect, especially when one has not been invited in. These circles are actually places of play, party and ritual. (Usually all three are combined at some point).

Rituals usually consist of abundance for their clan, family, the birthing of their young, the cycles of the moon, Solstices, death and bringing forth more magical properties. If one steps into a circle during rituals one may feel a sudden “shock” to their energy, stabbing sensation, feelings of being off-balance, a sudden change in mood from happy to sad. Energy wise you may feel a “wobble” or a “push”, almost like being warned especially if one does this accidently. If it is intentional there may be more forceful energies at play here and the spiritual person may experience some digestive issues, headaches or feelings of ungroundedness or nightmares all dependent on the clan and the ritual that was being brought forth.

The other thing to be mindful of especially during astral travel through dreams or meditation is to not drink or eat their food if it is offered to you. It is believed that you will be trapped in their realm forever…however that is not the case. Most of their foods are far more potent then our own and some of their food items are much different than our own. For example the blue apple…although very stunning and appetizing it is the equivalent to drinking four beers here. The blue apple also causes one to experience a sense of euphoria. Food that is offered also has the consequence of being magically laced as well by mischievous little hands, which is another reason not to consume when being offered the fairy folk. The nly time where food would be alright to consume from the fairy folk would be from Elemental Kings and Queens with the exception of the Dark King and Queen. The food is usually laced with leeching component or poison component when it comes from Dark royals so be mindful. You may take it and thank them and tell them you will eat it for later, without actually eating it so that they may not be offended.

Dealing between the regular class fairies and the royal fairies is much different dealings as well. Each deserve respect that is true, however the royals deserve much more respect and have far less playfulness than say the normal average fairies. When they speak to you, you must not be speak unless they direct a question to you (as it is seen rude). They will determine which questions they will answer and which questions they will not. If they decide not to answer a question they will casually breeze past your question and not acknowledge your question even if you ask it a second time…they WILL switch topics. You are most likely see the Queens more so than the Kings as they are held with more esteem. Kings have a harder vibration than the Queens as they carry more masculinity but their conversations are more about protective measures and techniques (that the Queens also possess). It will be very rare to have an interaction with a King and if you do there will be no room for nonsense.

There are also many dangers in the fairy realm to boot, but I may save that for a later note of the

different creatures that exist in the fairy realms. I hope this has helped.

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