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Fairies and other beings in their realm....

Now that we have the basic understanding of the elementals. We now have to break the illusion that all fairies are kind. Not all fairies will take the form of beautiful, majestic or seem kind. Some of the fae folk can be off putting, vicious and malicious. Just like in our mundane world there are those that are good and those of us that are not.

To every element there is a darker version. Yang to their Yang. There are other fae’s as well that are known as “ferals”. These type of faeries don’t typically live in clans and may be seen on their own or in very small groups as they tend to scrap often. The feral fairies, tend to be vicious and look almost alien like. Their wings have a set of three and seem tattered and they usually wear a lion cloth if not anything at all. Their hair is usually a mess and their form is thin and boney. Fingers are long and nails are sharp and also extended. Their teeth are gnarled and their eyes are dark and beady. It is best to leave these type of fairies alone but sometimes it is hard to avoid them. In my journey’s to the U.K. I had my run in with a few of them and they ended up following me back. They ended up being very mischievous, pulling at my cat’s tail and leeching off energy leaving me fatigued. The ended up fighting with the other fae’s that also resided with me to the point where I had to ask for them to go back home.

There are many tales of fairy folk switching babies at birth with one of their own, seducing humans, drowning humans and they have been known kill and poison them as well. The malevolent side of the Earth fae are the masters of poisons as they have access to many herbs and plants that can cause various illnesses and death. The malevolent side of the water fae or water sprites are the ones that seduced travelers by water either by lakes, streams, waterfalls or oceans (very similar to mermaids) and dragged them down to drown. The malevolent air fae were known to suffocate travelers in the dessert by creating sandstorms or creating unfavourable weather conditions making humans lost and off track during their travels. They were also known for sucking the air out of humans lungs by a simple kiss. The malevolent fire fae caused terrible accidents such as house fires by rolling embers from the fire place. Now the malevolent forces of light…if perturbed would force their light in order to blind a human and make it so they would loose their sight. Now because there are no illusions or trickery when it comes to the dark fae, they can are really the ones that can cause much damage from poisoning, death, seduction, bodily possession, energy leeching and a host of other ailments physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Now how can one identify between those that are good and those that are malevolent? Asking is one way, but that may not always work as remember they are mischievous energies. You can ask your spirit guides for what’s called a “looking glass”. Usually just a small piece of glass that you can peer through to see a true form of an entity. Also relying on your own intuition as well is productive. Remember if your stomach is knots it is probably a sense that something isn’t right with the situation or entity.

Other things to consider while journeying through the Fairy realms….

There are other creatures that are a part of the fae realms that most people are unaware of unless they travel deep within or by themselves without structure. Usually within the Earth territory there is a creature that is almost like a wolf, but instead of fur it looks as if it is covered in vines and thorns, which makes this creature hard to detect while traveling. They have been called Bendanocks. The best way to ward of this type of beast is by fire, as their hide is rather hard to penetrate.

The closer you get to ocean territories the closer you get to mermaids…which aren’t very friendly. They are spiteful creatures that are vane and soul sucking. Mermaids and sirens to me are one of the same. They both try to seduce with music or trinkets or promises to show you something deep in the “sea” only to literally suck the life from you by entangling you in seaweed. Once again there are few mermaids that aren’t bad, but that is a rarity.

Along the caverns along the shore line you are more likely to run into fish people or Selkies. The Selkies stick closely inside the caverns as they are adverse to sunlight and prefer the moonlight. They prefer the moonlight as their eyes are very sensitive and almond shaped. Their bodies are blue and covered in scales like that of a fish and no they don’t get along with the fairy folk all that well. The reason for this is, is that they are more of warrior tribe and more direct in how they speak. If you work with the Selkies and learn from them, you listen and that is that. They can teach you ways of fighting and defending especially with water elements and different weapons while astral field. They live in tribes like a family. To me they are not threatening, but they will be if you are an outsider with ill manners. You must be able to explain yourself quickly and your reasoning for being there. The leader of the tribe will either decide to keep you and mark you or decline you, depending if they you are ready to learn their ways.

Gnomes generally found inside trees and are very greedy same with imps and dwarves. Dwarves however are more found along mountain sides as they the myth goes they do like their treasure. Their worlds are underground and is almost like a market place full of trading and bartering. A lot of thievery happens in theses places and they will be quick to place blame on you as you would be an outsider to their world. They are not ones to share their ways and often times do not like get involved with humans, often times shooing them away, turning them to stone, freezing them or leaving them imprisoned. Not advised to really approach these types as reasoning with them is not viable.

Ogres are generally fairy eaters. Slow and unintelligent. One can usually avoid them by just give a wide birth, or blending into ones surroundings. Ogres do not have the best of senses and they are more solitary hunters than pack predators. They have greeny-greyish skin and have an odour that almost resembles the swamp. You’ll be able to tell if there is an Ogre nearby just by the smell alone.

Now I’m not going to list all of the critters I’ve had dealings with as there is many out there, but there are a few to be aware of for certain. Don’t be fooled by the illusions that things in this realm are sparkles and rainbows. Just like many realms out there, there is another side to it because like everything – there needs to be balance. You can’t have all light without dark. There must be Ying and Yang.

Keep In my mind I have worked with the fae realm from the age of six until the age of seventeen very closely. When I was about fifteen is when I started branching out to other existences and other realms. Learning different abilities and different techniques with energy and my spirituality. I hope you have found this informative! Cheers.

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