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Greetings and Welcome to The Eternal Circle

Hello all and welcome to The Eternal Circle "blog". Here you'll find various topics. Usually these are topics I have already covered through previous social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube, but for those who haven't been following me there I will be posting my topics on my OFFICIAL website!

So I want to welcome you all with much warmth and positivity and I hope that there are topics here that you will find much use for. I will be posting meditations here as well, also different topics such as grounding, energy, healing, stones, just to name a few. ;)

A little bit about me. I'm in my thirties and have been deeply involved with spiritual work since I was young girl around the age of four. The best teachers I had were the ones in my social circle and my family. I believe my gifts were inherited from my mother and through her blood line. Her teachings were mainly native based and she taught me from those. So most of what I do I is from those teachings she has instilled in me.

My gifts are extended senses of all senses physically. I am a channel when I read tarot and do my paintings in terms of spirit guide and past life. Which means message is passed down through me while I read tarot; therefore I don't read from a book or believe in reversals of cards. I also see with second sight from connecting through a photo of ones image a persons past life or connect with that persons spirit guide depending on what they have requested.

It wasn't until I had my first born spirit begun to pester me and say I needed to get out here and introduce myself. Although I was too busy with raising and taking care of my first born and with life itself. Then I become pregnant again with twins. So the idea of starting this had to be put on hold once again. Finally now, I can allow myself to be ready and say hello to all the beautiful souls out there - including you!

So thank-you! Thank-you for coming by and for your interest in my work and what I do. Many blessings on to you and yours.

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