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Grounding Energy Work


Grounding, what is it?

Grounding is a tool utilized when doing spiritual work to help anchor the spirit or soul to its physical vessel. We utilize Earth energy to help center, stabilize, focus and keep us in the now/present time. Not only should it be utilized during spirit work but should be something to assist you through out the day if you are perhaps feeling emotionally unbalanced, mentally scattered or even in physical pain.

Now for the most part typically most people are too distracted by technology or by their everyday life. They are busy feeling their emotions and not being with their emotions. Meaning not assessing their emotions and where they are coming from, which can really pull on someone who is an empath. Often times when we are not grounded we end up daydreamy, focused on the future and it can lead to destabilization between physical and spirit. We may feel anxious, or angry or even we may be more susceptible to picking up on other’s emotions because we are so busy “feeling” rather than “assessing” and just being with our emotions. Grounding allows one to BE with their emotions and to assess them. When you can assess them, then (especially if you are an empath), you can let go of the emotions that aren’t yours with warmth and focus on why your feelings are off and take care of you. This is part of healing and self care.

Grounding is a tool that should be utilized throughout the day when needed.

For example I will do grounding when I have extreme flare ups from my fibromyalgia. This assists with calming some of the pain, it doesn’t get rid of all of it, but it calms it. Remember when I talked about self healing we don’t want to rid the body of all the pain or else it can go into shock. Plus your body will only allow you let go as much as it wants you to.

When I’m doing any sort of spirit work, whether it being readings, house clearings, facilitating energy for healing purposes, meditations ect. I will be grounded prior to starting so that way I am focused on the task at hand and then ground after I am done to make sure my spirit is back into my physical vessel.

Different types of grounding…

Crystal energy: Yup crystals. We can utilize crystals to keep us grounded. Wear them as pendants, bracelets, or simply keep in a pouch or loosely in our pockets. (I prefer a small pouch because then I know that they aren’t going to be accidently misplaced) Great grounders are: Tourmaline, Onyx, Carnelion, Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Shungite, Hematite and Garnet.

Earthing: Literally putting your toes into the dirt or grass. Walking through the grass or dirt, feeling it between your toes. Keep walking or wiggling your toes into the Earth until you feel yourself coming “down” or “connected”.

Another form of Earthing is rubbing your feet along the floor while being seated and visualizing your feet connecting to Earth like roots or tendrils.

Meditation: Take a few deep breaths and relax your body and let your mind go blank, releasing all the worries and thoughts.

I want you to imagine this white light coming from your being traveling down through down your feet and toes creating white light and travelling down into the ground. These roots going deeper and deeper.

Let these roots go all the way down to the core of the Earth’s center, letting that energy come back up to your being and feeling it stabilize you, nurture you and ground you.

Keep focused on this visualization for as long as you need to until you feel grounded. Ground yourself to where you feel comfortable. Now bring your roots back up to your being and disconnect from the Earth.

Simple visualization: Simply visualizing yourself and roots coming from your feet into the Earth can certainly assist. Remember that not all tree roots are deep roots, some are surface roots (which I myself had forgotten until it was retold to me) For each individual they will find their own tolerance of where they need to be at for grounding. Some people need deep grounding, others only need light grounding.

A side note: As I was conversing with one of the individuals I look up to I asked “Why is it, that I can’t seem to ground properly?” She told me its not because I wasn’t doing it properly but because of the fact I myself couldn’t handle being grounded to a deep level – which is true. When I think about grounding I think of say deep down roots planted firmly into the Earth. I’ve also had the experience of having Reiki masters ground me to the point of make me almost lose my cookies. The thing is I can not handle deep rooted grounding because I need to have surface roots only in order to ground in order to feel normal.

Food and Drink: Yeah you heard me! Eating and drinking surprisingly in my experience has always been able to bring me back to balance quickly. Usually a nice snack, or if its close by meal time then having my meal. Anything with that has natural sugars in it, such as fruit or fruit juices. Also while we discuss drinking…while working on or conversing spiritually for long periods of time; the one juice I always found that quenched my thirst and grounded me was orange juice. I theorize that it may be the electrolytes that are in orange juice but I have yet to prove this theory.

Spending time outdoors: Simply exercising and taking time to connect with plant life, whether that is gardening, yoga outside, walking through the forests or lakes. This will assist you in being able to be more perceptive the natural energy of grounding.

The thing to keep in mind is there are many different types of ways you can ground and these are just some of the different ways to assist you in grounding. You will have to find the way that works best for you and don’t be afraid to try different things. Just remember when you start feeling worried, anxious, emotionally negative. Feeling spacey, forgetful or feeling inflamed, nauseous and pain; it might be a good idea to check in with yourself and see if you need to ground.

Also remember that everything takes practice when learning, nothing will come in one shot or come in one try and that’s okay. Practice, practice, practice until you feel comfortable with what you are doing.

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