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Impressions, Ghosts and Poltergeists

In a house or residence more so than anything else there are left over memories. It can cause the home to feel stagnant, angsty or depressing. A memory is often looped or recurring during a certain time or season which can feel as if there are ghosts in the home but truly there isn't. The one way to tell the difference is firstly feeling...usually an impression just feels like a dirt spot on a dish that needs to be scrubbed clean. It usually affects one localized spot in the home as an echo if you will.

A ghost will usually “wander” around the home because it is stuck or wants to make sure that place of residence will be in good hands. They seldom make too much trouble. They may show glimpses of themselves but not in a harmful way. They may make the energy feel as if there is a warble or slight distortion in ones environment.

Poltergeists are very rare but they are malevolent ghosts of those passed who are either in turmoil or were highly aggressive in their life. It is said they can move objects from one place to another, slam doors, break objects and can become physically aggressive with the people living within the location. The energy would feel angry and as if you were under attack.

How to deal with each case is different. Usually if there is an impression left on a home a good smudge with sage and an overlap of dragon's blood with the intention of cleaning the home or location is the best way to go I have found. You can utilize cedar as well for clearing the home or make your own "holy water". Holy water can be water you speak intent over or water that you speak intent over with added salt and then put in a spritzing bottle. The intention is to make the space clean and neutral before inserting your energy; and whom ever else occupy's the space with you with you. It's like washing someone else's dirty dish. You clean it good and then you can serve something on it and enjoy it.

For just your average ghostie...I have found that usually telling them that their living environment is good hands or that things are good or things will be better for them on the other side can help move them along. Reminding them there is someone waiting for them on the other side or letting them know they have fulfilled their purpose in the life can be helpful too. If they aren't a threat and want to stay make sure you set boundaries like “Well if you stay don't wake up the kids” sort of deal. However its just best to try and move them along if possible. You can always try to ask them to leave as well as you establish this is your home abode now.

For poltergeists...If I were to personally have to deal with one, I would more than likely deal with it like I do with an bad entity. Being protected is the most important, making sure my energy shield is up. I'd start with a smudge with the intent of kicking it out the location and making it known they are no longer welcome in the home. It is possible to give a “push” with universal/godly/light energy to push it out of the location or home. I do not recommend tackling poltergeists on one's own unless you know what you are doing. Because of the emotional state of one's self and the emotional state of the poltergeist(s) you may end up causing harm to one's self or making the poltergeist(s) become even more agitated or aggressive. It may take a couple of tries with a couple of different methods as each poltergeist may react differently to an individual. Some may react and be removed by a simple blessing from a priest, while others may need spiritual energy healers to help remove said poltergeist. Make sure you do your research on the individual you are having in your home first, always first and foremost - so you don't end up being "scammed".

Now some of you are probably like “why not just hold a seance?” “why not use a ouiji board to see what it wants?” Well...take a look at the movies...although in most cases it doesn't turn out like that where its solved at the end. It's more plausible that one would open another “doorway” or “portal” to let anything through which could make the situation 10x's worse than what is. It's also very possible that the spirit or any other entity that called forth while dabbling in such things can a) attack you b) attach itself to you c) utilize you as their own personal doorway. I highly do not recommend these at all...even myself would never do these things! Not saying that ouiji boards are down right bad, but if utilized improperly without any learning it can cause more issues than be of any help.

Divination tools and methods of divination are not to be played with unless you know what you yourself are doing! If you are fearless and have the knowledge of what you are doing as well. It's very important as agitation of a poltergeist or entity in the home may make things worse and become more physical than what things are. (In other words don't play with things you don't know how to handle!)

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