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Learning and Preparations of walking the Spirit path

Energy how can we utilize it?

We can utilize energy in various ways. We can use it to heal ourselves and facilitate healing of others, animals and living organisms. We can use energy for protection for ourselves, our homes, objects or facilitate for others. We can utilize energy to promote a higher vibration when needed when we are feeling down or need to calm down (this is where mantra’s are a useful tool). We can utilize energy on a larger scale by sending love energy or divine or healing energy to people across the world who need it the most at this moment. We can use divine and healing energy to heal our planet as we are all connected to it because we live here and live off it.

There are so many ways we can utilize energy.

How about in this note we take time to focus on ourselves. We can’t help others unless we help ourselves first.

Now ask yourself what is the problem spot you are having? Is it emotional? Is it physical? (Don’t expect that healing will make severe and permanent ailments disappear as this is the role in your soul life to play out unfortunately. If anything is may ease some of the aches you may have in certain areas of your body that you experience). If it is emotional you may feel the urge to cry and that is completely normal and that is fine!

Find a quiet space that makes you feel calm. Take a deep breath and focus on your breathing. Your intention is to bring down a white light (or divine energy) while you focus on your breathing. Let that white light fill your entire being. Feel the warmth, the comfort and the love that it provides. Breath it into your being let it fill your lungs, your organs, your heart and hold it there for just a second before releasing your breath slowly. When you feel “full” or you are done, thank the divine and slowly open your eyes. Rub your hands together or feet on the ground to help with grounding yourself back to this plane of existence.

Take some notes….

How did this make you feel? What was your experience like? Did you see anything? Hear anything?

Walking the spirit path… preparation

When we first walked the spirit path it can be overwhelming, confusing, frightening and uncertain. But we have to keep in mind that we need to have confidence and we need to practice the skills that we come across. We can expect the Masters straight off the hop. In fact those who call themselves Masters I would suggest you run away from far far away! Everyone is here to learn in practice and everyone knows different pieces of different subjects and that is important to keep in mind. Or there might be people that know the same subject but approach it differently or have a different outlook, perhaps even a different method of practice.

Fear and belief

Belief is necessary especially when we start working in the spirit way of things. for example if you were to think that typing on a keyboard was nearly impossible but then you start to practice it just by touching it and then researching it and talking to others about how to use it. Before long you are practicing how to use the keyboard and eventually getting better at using it. This is no different than dealing with psychic abilities. The more you research, the more you talk to people, the more you look at case studies, the more you can understand.

The more you become educated on the different subjects that the spiritual world has and the different psychic abilities that exist then eventually you'll begin to have more interest and more enthusiasm to go ahead and begin practicing. Whether that's practicing on your own or practicing with others.

As you become more interested and enthusiastic about this it will actually make you trust yourself more and therefore in turn make you more relaxed making practice easier for yourself.

One thing to keep in mind that sometimes in the past our experiences come forth in block us from our experiences now. Sometimes if we have a religion already it can shake our belief in this said religion. These experiences you will have to work with and get past so that way they don't shape your beliefs and knowledge that you will be acquiring on your spirit journey. As for the religious aspect if you view it this way God or the creator has given you the opportunity to assist with his work and has put you on this path for a reason. It does not make you a Sinner it does not make you a bad person contradictory to what others may say.

Now there may be doubts and fear about psychic abilities and that’s completely okay and normal to feel that way. A lot people experience these feelings especially when it comes to starting out with learning about psychic abilities. Give yourself some affirmations or positive talk. Write it down and stick it on the wall somewhere to give you a focal point every time you start to doubt.

If you get scared…what is it that your scared about? Write down your fears, turn them into questions and research for answers! The more you learn the more you will be well prepared to combat your fears. Now if its realistic maybe hold onto the fear until your ready to face challenge that fear.

An example of a doubt is psychic abilities don’t really exist. People can’t do that. However there is scientific research that there is and people can! It isn’t fiction or fantasy it is here in the present and in our world. It’s also very possible that everyone might have psychic abilities. My theory is that everyone is an empath to some degree. At some point we feel one another, we just have a feeling on how another is feeling just by looking at them or being close to them. Even if they may be expressing a false emotion, we are able to still feel the underlying emotion that they are projecting. Not everyone will be awake to all the abilities, like perhaps you or I, but to some extent they have some sort of ability it is whether or not they want to tap into it.

The only reason why psychic abilities seem scary is because people don’t know much about them. People who say they are scared of me because of my abilities just don’t understand them or perceive them as a potential threat which is too bad for them. If you are feeling fearful about your psychic abilities you need to know that you are in CONTROL of your abilities. You can tap in, mute it and shut it down. If you learn more about these said abilities, then you will probably become comfortable with them. (Especially if you practice slowly but surely) You also have to understand to that sometimes psychic abilities take time to tap into or take time to learn to utilize.

Now there are ethics or karma if you will in the psychic sense. Yes every action has a reaction as you are more than aware. Same is said about psychic abilities. There are people who use these abilities not just for good but for bad. Of course there are consequences. You have to ask yourself is it okay if I use my abilities to proceed with such and such an action. For instance your friend may really want advice on a matter and you think its okay to use tarot cards to get the answer (without asking your friend if you can read their cards or being asked to consult them). This is a form of an abuse of power or psychic ability therefore naturally there would be consequence.

When we continue onwards with learning our abilities we may have our beliefs shaken. Structured ideas, formulated thoughts, feelings towards a certain perspective may and will begin to change. Its okay to feel scared or uncertain as on learning. Just because something is new and scary doesn’t necessarily mean it is dangerous. After a hard day of learning and accepting that learning you need to have a routine where you can have a relaxation period. Light a candle, take a nice warm bath, sit outside and watch the sunset or the stars, something.

Setting goals….

When we talk about setting goals we are talking about what you are wanting to achieve or learn about/with your psychic abilities. There are two different informative learning paths, perceptive (perceiving energy, telepathy, aura sight, empathy, reading cards, ect.) and alteration which can change the world (healing, telepathic commands, empathic projection ect.)

What exactly draws your interest? What do you feel called to learn? What would be the most fun or exciting?

In conclusion

When you are starting out you need to assess your beliefs, your perceptions and goals. Ask yourself questions and see if practicing some of these different types of psychic abilities change how you perceive them. Review your feelings and perceptions of what you are learning or what your fears are. Reassess when you complete a chunk of learning and see how things resonate inside you. It is always important to take time and see how the pieces of the puzzle affect you and how you feel about working with them.

Next step is choosing a teacher and informative resources that you can access and learn from as well.

Always pick information that resonates for you at this current and present juncture and remember that not all sources are accurate and not all sources are good ones. Let your soul and intuition guide you in the information you need to bring into your life. Always remember that you are the best teacher as it will be your experiences you will be learning from. Trust in yourself.

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