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Let's talk Spirit Guides

There’s a misconception that you only have one spirit guide and that this spirit guide is meant only to be YOUR spirit guide. Correction: you may have more than one spirit guide and spirit guides are more like case workers in the mundane world. They are facilitating many different needs for many different clients per say. They are not just bound to you.

There are many different types of guides with many different types of jobs and can come in at any time. Some guides stay with us from the beginning or carry over from past lives, while others are here to carry on a simple message and then leave.

Firstly we have the master guides. Master guides are guides with vast information and knowledge in many different backgrounds. They essentially are the ones that can suggest different types of information for you to look at or ponder. They can assist by giving ideas of which route you may want to go next.

Teacher guides are guides that have a more specific background of knowledge. For example; if you are on the path of paganism, they would carry the information of that path along with all the different branches of paganism, spells, history and what not. Their job is to help with suggesting where to put your focus and where to find the information you are looking for on your journey. Although you can always consult them too.

There are protector guides, which is exactly how it sounds. These guides are there to for protection and can teach us defensive techniques as well as offensive techniques to implement into our spiritual practices. These techniques can be implemented while traveling the astral as well as here on the mundane (an example of the mundane would be energy shielding and pushing). These guides are the ones that often times will alert us if things seem “off” or if there is a breech of sorts.

Healer guides step forth when we are going through changes, transformations and through massive healing moments. They aid us in comfort, releasing, transmuting negativity and making way for the new. They are also teachers in the way of healing arts. They can teach us how to use healing energies to utilize on ourselves and be able to utilize these energies on others. The healing guide may try to connect by sending imagery or even messages about certain plants or crystals that may aid in your path. Always do your research when it comes to plants before hand.

There are also what I call Life experience guides. These guides are guides that have gone through a similar situation as you have and do have the solutions to assist you to get through that challenge because of their experience. They are there to provide clarity to the situation and provide options for you to see and to assess before making your final choice on the matter.

Deities are another form of guide, but hold a different vibration than that of the norm spirit guides. Their vibration in my experience is almost like that of lower frequency from extraterrestrial vibration. Deities are helpful in ways that assist in a person’s growth, their path and can hold information like that of a teacher guide. They also come in the stances of healers and protectors.

Now this is an opinion when it comes to angel guides. There are those whom firmly believe that they have angel guides. I however believe it is the persons comfortability that makes the guide appear in an angelic form. In my stance and my opinion its that angels are far too busy dealing with Universal matters, than to have time to guide us in what we are doing. They may come in to assist when we need it from time to time, but they are not constantly around us singularly.

Whoa there you just said guides take on a form that we are comfortable with? Unless you are you comfortable with raw energy form then yes they are going to take a form that is most comfortable to you. Even if they take on a form that is per say a form that is unsettling you can ask them to take on a different form that is more calming for you and they will oblige. Each clairvoyant who deals with spirit guides and when dealing with others spirit guides, will often see a different form (due to their own comfortability and experiences).

Another important key about working spirit guides is that they may try to steer you in direction of learning that you are either not prepared for, doesn’t resonate with you at this present time or conflicts with that of the mundane (as in you have too much on your plate in the mundane sense to put the time forth for this new learning). It’s okay to say no, and it’s okay to return to this learning when you are ready.

I also want to note that spirit guides will also never ever tell you to harm yourself or others. If this is occurring then I suggest you seek medical professional assistance as soon as possible in order to rule out any underlying causes.

Overall spirit guides are here to assist us, teach us and help us with our personal growth and development while we walk through this life. Whether we are on a spiritual path or just walking the mundane path. They are around us when we need them and when we are facing challenges and asking for guidance.

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