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Manifestation what is it? When I talk about manifestation I talk about utilizing the divine by using our intent in a positive manner in a form of hope/wish/prayer in order for that intent to be fulfilled physically, or energentically for others or for ourselves.

Manifesting can come in many forms. Manifesting ones energy to become a higher vibration or frequency. Which can be done with positive statements or doing positive actions for yourself. Manifesting healing energy for those going through times of sadness, stress or even illness. Also known as care packages. Sending prayer. Sending ‘good vibes’ if you will.

Asking for a bit more money and finding a five dollar bill in your jacket. Asking for a spiritual tool and coming across a feather or an odd rock or shell. These are all forms of intent. The universe is a wonderful thing. It may not always give us the lucky lotto numbers, but there is always a different reason for that too. Perhaps to remind us to continue to be humble and enjoy what we have. (But yet I digress)

Another example I will give personally. I wanted to find a unicorn snow globe for my daughter for Christmas as I had one when I was child. So I put it out the universe please help me find something like this for my daughter (as she has hit a unicorn phase). I began scrolling through my daily Facebook feed as we usually do and *poof* there it was the EXACT same unicorn snow globe I had as child. The same one for free! So of course… I scooped it up. I said thank you to the nice lady and thank you the universe for providing although I was for certain not expecting the exact one from my childhood memories. That is the power of intent and manifestation.

Now I have been asked if manifestation can be used for love…and for destiny. This will certain be of some debate as there are some materials already out there stating you can manifest such things. However this is to me a control stance. I believe that you need to let the Creator or Fates design the web for you. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask for guidance or assistance for what’s ahead or what may be ahead for the day specifically. You need to step back and ask why you need to seek such control over these things?

If you're pouring that much manifestation energies into such a big and diverse multitude what can happen is that it can really unbalance and unstabilize your energies and chakra’s…which can negatively impact you physically, mentally, energectically and also affect those around you as well because of the warble in your own field. I think what needs to switch with that mentalitly of control is to let it go and to focus on the positive of this life and the positive of the now rather than focusing on what could come and come into play. Now like said before you CAN always ask for guidance. Like for example “Please if it’s good for me, please show me a job that would be good for me to be employed at.” “Please let me go to work today and come home feeling energized and not drained.” Simple intents/manifestations/mantra’s can presauade the energies around and assist you. You don’t need to have the need to control. Energy is about flow and when we control…we block that flow.

Now another thing is. Can we manifest something out of negativity? ABSOULETLY!

Ever have those days where you have those really nasty negative thoughts? Like “I wish that so and so would just …blah blah blah?” Yeah….I think we’ve all been there. These type of words, or thoughts…we need to careful of. I catch myself before it gets completed….the reason for this is because this is another form of manifestation!

This negative energy, negative intent can form into manifestation. So if your wishing ill will on someone or wishing someone’s hair to turn green…well it may just happen.

How do you stop? Before you get to the end, stop yourself in the middle. Have another voice in your head shout NO! Take a breath and let it go. After all we can raise ourselves to be the better being and raise ourselves above their vibration. Disconnect from them and remove yourself from the situation or environment if possible.

Continue to manifest for the positive! Continue send all the good vibes because in this world; we all need a little light.

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