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Past Lives

Working with Past Lives

Past lives are lives that have been lived prior to the existence of this one. For some of us we may dream or have past life memories that come and go. They can be vivid and often leaving us with intense feelings and sometimes leaving us uncertain.

One of the reasons why we remember our past lives is because we are technically living those lives at the same time we are living this one. If we were to take on the theory of Quantum Psychics where when we break it down to the simplest explanation of how it allows for particles to exist in two states at the same time; this would be the same idea of how we are able to live our lives at the same time. Those lives are interconnected within this life. Our soul brings these memories forth when we are going through growth, transitions and aspects that are similar to details that we previously lived and are currently still living although it is harder for us to process that idea.

Past lives can teach us about certain personality traits that we have carried over, physical ailments that may passed over from traumatic events and possible fears that have come up in this life and that we have no explanation for. When we delve into the experience of a past lives we should write down these experiences and assess to see if there is any carry over, or lesson that is being facilitated or needed in this present time.

If there is a case of carry over, one should take time to genuinely realize that this was in their past and there is no changing the past. Therefore, take the necessary measures and heal the wounds from that life. We can do so by forgiving those in the situation, ourselves or the situation of that life in general. When we forgive we must also let go because if we do not let of the past life it can continue to be brought up in this present life.

Sometimes we will have carry over from a past life that we did poorly in. When I say poorly I mean to say that we did harm to others in that life. Some would call it Karma, I would just say balance. This reflection of this life could manifest itself in another life such as hardships (poverty, illness, tough relationships) or being the victim in the next life.

So how do we know that we’ve encountered a past life while in dream state?

Usually when I have encountered a past life in my dreams my senses are fully functional within the dream state and when I awaken those senses or feelings are still present when I am awake. So for example one of my past lives I was burnt at the stake for witchcraft. In the dream the state I could feel the burning and heat. The smell of the burning cloth, wood, smoke. I could feel the fear and anger during this time. When I awoke from this past life dream state I could still feel the intense burning sensation on my skin and smell the burning of flesh. Now it took me a very long time to let go of this past life as I held tightly to the anger towards the religion who did this in the past life at the time. Now be it I was fourteen or fifteen, so heightened prime of angst really didn’t help matters. I would say I was able to let go of this anger when I hit around my early twenties when I realized it really just served no purpose.

Others are able to encounter their past lives through the Akashic records. So being able to meditate and go to the Akashic records and finding their “files”. I would advise only doing this one file at a time. “Downloading” too many past lives at once can leave one discombobulated and can leave one susceptible to mental break down or other damaging states (especially if one is not exactly ready to receive the information they are about to gain and process). Akashic records though is far more than just your files floating around there though…just saying and there Is more than one of them. Anyways…

The point is we can learn and grow from our pasts lives, but realize that this isn’t us in this present reality and time. This is the important take away. We may have some healing to do IF…IF there is carry over or trauma stemming from there, but for the most part it is a glimpse of getting to know ourselves better and what we have experienced. A piece of our puzzle if you will.

And if you do go to a reader for a past life reading, be wary of a reader who will tell you that you were Cleopatra or some big shot in the past…because hate to break it you, you probably weren’t. The odds of that are very slim. There are so many souls coming in and out of this planet that the likely hood of being a great ruler is very slim, especially when you look at the population.

Never doubt either that you could have had a life on another planetary system. It happens…our souls are learning beings and are meant to experience things that are not just tied to this field of existence.

Another one that I run into which is misinformation is that you will only have past lives through your ancestor line. Not true. Although the soul may choose to do this and this only, other souls may not. We may decide to try other cultures and other experiences around the globe. We may have short lives, long lives. Lives that were horrific, lives that were peaceful. Lives that were boring and lives that were exciting. All so that we can obtain different experiences. Some of us have had very little lifetimes here; while others have had many lifetimes here.

Now I dislike the explanation of old soul. Old soul is saying that you’ve been here a very long time; sure maybe you’ve been on this plane a long time, but it doesn’t make you better than anyone else. Those who are younger souls to this planet, may have had more lifetimes living off this planet and on different ones instead. So in actuality it really doesn’t matter when it boils down to it.

How can you tell? Well people will take a look at your palms and tell by the amount of lines on your hands. If you have deep lines and a lot of lines, they figure you’re an old soul. If your lines are less prominent and fewer you’re considered a newer soul. But as I was saying…in actuality those with a “newer” soul may have ended up living more lifetimes elsewhere on different planes of existence.

Some of you may be wondering what about past life regression?

Yes, it does exist. Yes, there are practitioners who are trained to do this and I will say this do your research! If you plan on going this route, make sure that they have the credentials, the experience and make sure that clients haven’t had any bad experiences or where they have them left them with doors open.

What can happen is that if the door that has been opened isn’t properly shut after this past life regression or the past life regression isn’t closed properly it, the past life and the current present life start to bleed together. This makes it hard to distinguish which life you are living presently, causing a split in the psyche. Almost like forms of PTSD, psychosis and signs of schizophrenia. These are just a few symptoms of what can occur to a person if a past life regression isn’t performed properly. It is the same idea when we are unable to digest or integrate the knowledge of a past life we weren’t ready for on our own.

How do I know? My mother had a person while I was in my younger years that had been split into this experience. I of course didn’t stay to watch as I was overly sensitive to the energy surrounding this individual and of course my mother’s energy as she proceeded her workings on them to help aid them. She of course jogged my memory when I became a bit older and I kick myself in the butt as I never did ask her how she went about aiding this individual.

You’ll find that a lot of sources out there will tell you it’s perfectly harmless and there is nothing wrong with it, however it may trigger some emotional trauma because of it coming from the past. Of course they would never tell you what can happen when an ill experienced person goes to do a past life regression or else it could harm their business. I’m not fear mongering, but only using a word of caution as I say do your research and check their backgrounds before seeking this type of assistance.

Past lives can be very interesting in deed and I believe that each soul has for certain lived more than one lifetime either in this plane or a different one. Each life can help us find another piece of our puzzle and release any negativity that has been buried there, or release any trauma that may have been built there. We can learn from them and we can grow from them. Always remember though that we are living this life and not to be stuck in those lives, for this is the one that truly matters.

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