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Past lives and the fiction on birthmarks

There is a lot of readers who will tell you that birthmarks, freckles and the like are all tied to past lives. Some say that certain freckles mean you come from a bloodline of witches even. Let’s dispel the mistruths.

I have for one, have experienced my first past life at the age of five years. Now given the manner I died; one would think that I would have a giant birth mark on my back due to be eaten by a lioness. Alas, though as much as it would have made an awesome birthmark – I do not have one. There are many deaths that I remember, and no birthmarks have been in place in the ways I have deceased.

To each their own as far as beliefs go. As a past life reader however, who has been experiencing their own past lives for a long time now; I do not see how everyone’s birthmarks or freckles signify how someone died in a past life. Now it is very, extremely rare that a birthmark will corelate with a past life death. I would randomize a guess that 1% of the population if not a generous 2% would have birthmarks that corelate with their past lives.

Now I did have a very interesting question posed to me recently about purple birthmarks. These type of birth marks are known as Venous Malformations. Basically, they are a string of blood vessels that did not properly form while baby was still in the womb. Sometimes they do not appear until much later on in life too. Now if I had a picture of this said person with this type of birth mark, I would be able to do some channeled digging – however IF I had to random a guess (I say a very strong if here), the birthmark was related to a past life death, it would also depend on the positioning of where it is too. In this case this individual has this birthmark on the side of their face. Now to me it could be that if it were related to a past life; this individual may have died by bludgeoning to the face or even some form of trauma. Like I stated though the rarity of the birthmarks relating to death of a past life is very rare.

I will state that there are things called past life carry over. This can take forms of physical ailments more likely or even parts of the body that are sensitive. For example, another past life I had was one where I lived where they spoke Dutch. I was a farm girl only about six or so. My father was abusive in this scenario and the day I died was the day I dropped a pail of water that was meant for the animals. He had gotten so angry with me that he took me by the back the neck and threw me down the well. When I discovered this past life, it made perfect sense why I hated people touching or grabbing at the back of my neck. I have now forgiven this situation and him, knowing full well that it is in the past; now currently I have no problems with this. Another example of this was when I was working for a client and in their past life they were shot in the back, this revelation made my client cry and tell me about her extensive surgeries she had been having on her spine for a long time and was continuing on doing these corrective surgeries. In no way did I know that she was suffering to this degree physically and that this carry over was tremendous. It gave her the information she needed to start working with her past life to help relieve some of the issues she was facing.

Other carry overs can be fears. Fears of small spaces, spiders, other animals or insects, water or crowded places. There are so many fears that we have today, that often relate to the past we were in. So, for example if one is afraid of crowded places, it could be that they were trampled on. This fear would also probably be coupled with leg or back pain (due to the trampling). Another fear or underlining detest can revolve around religions specifically as I have found that this usually is linked to a past life or several where the soul had been wrongfully accused by a religious background and ended up in death due to this religion. (Example being the Christian church and prosecuting witches).

As stated though not all birthmarks, freckles or odd markings along the body would point to how a person may have died in a past life. I feel that these freckles and birthmarks are a way to show our souls uniqueness rather, or almost like a barcode on the spiritual side of things. Check out on aisle three!

Not everyone feels comfortable exploring what happened to them in the past life and that is perfectly fine. But I believe if we allow ourselves to experience our past lives, we are better at understanding these unknown reasons in this life as to why things happen to us. It also allows us to utilize this information when it comes to spiritual growth and utilizing that knowledge to release aspects of self that no longer serve this life presently.

As always if you have questions regarding past lives, I am always happy to assist and always interested to hear from other experiences. Sharing our experiences is how we grow. Also don’t forget I offer past life readings that are in-depth which also includes a painting that helps show you who you were and can be used to facilitate by making that connection to that specific past life as well.

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