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When we go to travel through meditation or even through our sleep, we are making portals or doorways. These doorways lead us to different places, realms or different dimensions all together. When we go to create said doorways or portals it is important to remember what intent we set. Where we plan on going to, what energy are we calling upon. We need to make sure that the energy we are going forth with is a state of calm and peace, one that isn’t disturbed or aggressive as this can make a warble effect and can cause the doorway or portal to shift and even take us somewhere where we did not mean to go.

We can think of portals as almost like a blackhole, except there is something on the other side of this blackhole.

You have to keep in mind that you are the driver of this portal. That means that the connection from the opening from side a to side b and everything in between is being made and connected by you. Hence why it is important to set your destination and your intent of where you are going.

For instance one can say I want to visit the fae world…but where in the fae world are going? Are you going to visit the fae themselves? Without the actual coordinates, you could find yourself not amongst the fae at all and find yourself amongst dwarves or the lesser pleasant ogre’s or trolls within their realms. The same idea applies when you go visit a friend who has moved. You don’t just go to an area where your friend has moved and start knocking on random doors until you finally stumble upon the right place. Correct? No difference. So it is important to be specific.

There are natural occurring portals that do surface on this planet. They are more like gateways between other worlds and our world for entities to be able to come through and cross over to our plane of existence. I do not recommend traveling through them, especially if one is a beginner and unaware of being able to scope out where the connection leads to the other side.

The natural occurring portals may also have split intersections as well which can make it difficult to figure out where the actual ending or other door is. There is no need to be fearful of the natural occurring portals, however it is best to leave them be in general. One can shut them down, especially if there is a grouping or high volume of what feels to be negative portals.

Other portals can be opened via others on this planet. Now what is the purpose you may ask? Some may just open them out of mischievousness or ill intent, or perhaps are trying to learn how to work with portals. These types of portals I usually close down, especially if opened for ill intent as we already have enough entities (neutral, bad and good) walking around.

So how do you define between a natural portal and one that was created by another? There is a difference in energy imprint. The natural portal has no attachment, it just is energy…almost like it blends in with its surrounding environment. Stealthy is another word that comes to mind. Where as a human made portal, will often times have that energy imprint of said person. So that connection to that person is still wrapped in with that portal – it gives it that energy signature. If you think about connections as in connections we have with others and how each connection has a different feeling or different vibration (but it still carries that human undertone to it) – that same type of feeling can be found within the man made portal.

So here’s an example.

Ashley felt an pulling energy in the corner of her bedroom. She has been feeling tired lately and has been having odd dreams that she typically doesn’t have. With her abilities she comes to find out that there is an unknown portal in there. She didn’t make it as it doesn’t have her energy imprint on it. She feels the portal out and asks her guides for protection as she scopes out the portal. She is shown a face of an individual that she does not know. Ashley begins to set out her work and close down the portal sending it back to the sender and cutting the connection between her and sender. Ashley reassess the energy in the corner to check that the portal is no longer and is satisfied to learn that it is gone.

This above example is a case of when someone sends a portal, for ill intent and drain energy (also known as a psychic attack and vampirism). I encourage people when they first move into their space to get to know their space and know of any energy portals that may have been left behind from previous owners or to see if there is natural occurring portals in the abode. The natural occurring ones in a home you can close if you do not wish for them to be there.

You can create a portal to function as a negativity collector. I start by opening a portal and then connecting it the ground or Universe. I open this type of portal around the front entrance of my abode. This portal acts as a sucker or remover if you will. It removes negative energies or emotions of who steps into my home and gives them a preliminary clean or dusting if you will. It’s great especially if you’ve had a bad day at work or bad interactions while dealing with the public. Now these types of portals do need to be looked at once in awhile – because like most vacuums they tend to get clogged. Simply remove the clog by pushing the energy through and run some filtering energy and intent to continue the purpose of this portal.

How to close a portal. It’s just like closing a doorway. So when we close a doorway, similar to closing a door in the mundane, or closing a door when you meditate the same can be applied to portals. The only difference is that you are not just closing the side that you see…you want to work with the exit first. Close the exit of the portal first (so where ever the portal lead to) and work your way back to the opening of the portal (side a). The connecting tube in between those two will be severed when both portals are closed.

Usually when I go to create a portal I take my index finger and move it clockwise starting small at first and then making it bigger, focusing my intent along with Universal energy to where I wanting to go and building the connecting tube to the other side to the opening of the second portal (side b). When I go to close the portals I close from side b and then from side I move my finger counter clockwise starting with the bigger outside of the portal until it gets smaller (envisioning it my minds eye) and then once its small enough I snap my fingers or clap my hands together to close it completely or shut it down (seal it).

Now can you get lost? Absolutely! If you do not have clear intent, if you do not know where your portal is leading then yes you can get lost. It is important to do your protections work first and ask for your spirit team to be with you when you go to travel, or even buddy up with another practicing spiritualist or someone who is able to follow you while traveling through the portal so that way they can pull you out if need be.

Another type of trickier portals is doing one through mirrors. Now as we know mirrors have many reflective, deflective surfaces. Instead of say one doorway for side b there could be multiple connections and multiple doorways of side b…but not all those openings and connections will lead to the place where you want them to go. Because mirrors are and can be trickster type of working I would reserve doing portal work for when you can be absolutely comfortable with doing such workings with mirrors and portals and also when you are strong enough in your intuition and protections to lead you the right destination, because portals through a mirror can become like going down a rabbit hole. Usually when doing mirror portals you are more than likely to deal with more grey energies and entities then say the light. So that is my word of caution. I have this experience with mirrors and portals, only due to recent workings with my daughter who was creating portals through her mirrors and bringing back “friends”. But that is another tale for another day.

I hope that you found this to be enlightening to say the least and if there are any questions regarding portals or doorways I am more than happy to answer them. Much warmth to all!

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