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Programming - Crystals, tool and much more


Programming is exactly as it sounds. We can utilize programs when it comes to crystals, divination tools and even setting up energy fields around ones home.

Now everyone is familiar with the pendulum. When we ask it go back and forth – representing a no and ask it go in a circle- presenting yes; this is a type of programming whether it is realized or not. You are basically programming your pendulum with energy to follow this command to give the answers to questions being asked. No different than do the same with dowsing rods. The programming I will be talking about is a self-cleaning program. Remember when it comes to working with any tools, we utilize energy. Energy can be manipulated and transformed into different faucets of what we need it do.

It's very possible you may stumble across a crystal who may be stubborn when it comes to programming and that’s okay. Just like people, crystals are their own individuals.

To come up with the idea of a self-clean program, one may utilize visualization. Imagine what cleansing would look like. Would it look like a waterfall? Would it look like green sparkles? What does cleansing feel like to you? Does it have a sound? Does it have a smell?

You may want to start with a crystal you work with frequently as there will be a bond there and you already know how to work with it. Take your crystal and focus in on it. Now ask it to take on the task of self-cleansing. Using words, thoughts, images or sensations by utilizing energy so that you’re showing your crystal what you mean. Be direct as possible about what you want it do. Take as much time as you need, until you feel satisfied. Now you may need to reconnect and do this a couple of times, so that your crystal is taking on the program as its own.

You can do the same with your tarot deck. Now I’m not one to speak with my deck, but I know others sometimes do and believe each deck has their own personality. I however, don’t. What I do to keep my deck in self cleaning mode, is basically wrap it in energy that is continual. So, by placing it in a case of sorts made out energy with asking my deck to become self cleaning. Now I tend to visualize a waterfall going over the surface of my deck, along with other visualizations and feelings of what cleansing is like to me. You can do this with decks, boards, scrying mirrors and talismans.

Now that you’ve got this programming. Does it mean you don’t have to clean it at all now?

That is up to. I tend to continue to do physical cleaning with my objects at least twice a year. I also do a check in and see If the programming is still working for whatever object I’ve put it on. Sometimes with energy it can become clogged – hence why a physical clean is warranted. Just to unclog the self-cleaning energy and get it to properly flow again.

Now while we are the subject of programming and also talking about crystals in the mix. I would like to bring up programming in regards to bring the duality of crystals. As we all know the positive workings of crystals and know in some aspects of the properties of certain crystals – there is also a flip side to crystals to, that can be programmed for baneful workings instead.

For instance, let’s take black tourmaline, its great for staving off negativity and pushing away that type of energy. However, if you tap into its duality and switch the energy from positive to the negative, you can get your tourmaline to do something else. For instance, when you do this, you can program your tourmaline to do baneful workings such as drawing energy from others around you (which in turn you can utilize for self). Yes it is known as vampirism, but some people will do this. Say you gave this piece to someone, this person you gave it to, may feel fatigued because the stone is leeching off their energy.

Same with Amethyst. It’s known for dream working and connecting to spiritual realms. The duality if switched can cause nightmares and attract things from the otherworld, that may inherently not be all that good.

These are only two examples that I will give. The idea that there are things only meant to serve a light purpose is naïve. One has to understand that everything in existence has duality. From plants, to people, spirits and even crystals.

But why did I bring up the baneful side of crystals? Because that in itself would require programming. And the more you know the better. Only because you can become aware in case someone may not be wishing the best for you. Unless you absolutely trust the individual or your picking your own crystals – don’t let anyone else just give you crystals, not even the shop owner.

Can you reverse a crystal if it has this duality on it? Yes of course. Once again it would be manipulating energy and focusing on the crystal for only its positive attributes and what you want it do. Thinking of it as a light switch. The off being the negative and the on being the positive. You could use that as programming the duality mode of each crystal. However, do your research before hand on the dualities of the crystals you may be working with and I would not recommend trying this unless you have experience with programming and or working with crystals for awhile.

What about houses or place of residence? Can you put programming on them? The answer is of course!

Say you want to set up your main entrance door to do a cleaning before anyone enters your abode. You can do this. Once again do your visualization or how you would represent that to you. Due to the nature of knowing how to work with the water element with ease, I usually incorporate that as my cleaning and because water is known as a purifier. You can also use words as well, like a spell to cast at your front door – as long as the energy is behind those words. As I was saying though I set up a water fall at the front door, so that people who come into my home will have any negative energies cleaned off of them before entry. This ensures my home remains peaceful and they can feel at ease when being here.

You can also add protective measures or programing to your home too. To assist with keep negative energies, or even spirits/entities at bay too. You can visualize setting up a crystal mine field around the premises of your abode or in the front of your door (if you live in an apartment). What this does is basically push negative entities at bay along with any type of unwanted energies. Basically keeping intruders at bay.

Remember to focus your intent and energy in what you are doing to go forward with any programming. If you have any questions about this you can leave it the comments or send me an e-mail.

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