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Protection work - Importance and methods

It is very important that one does protection work. It doesn’t matter if you think you are always protected or if your spirit team has your back – the truth of the matter is you yourself are responsible in making sure that you are protected!

There are many ways of protecting oneself and it all comes back to a form of energy and manifestation.

There are those who utilize prayer to formulate protection. If you do not use prayer you can always use some words that are protective in tone such as “I seek refuge from those who try do cause ill or harm. I ask that God/Creator/ect. Protect me from those who seek to harm me. Let it be known.” Or “So mote it be.” Intentions are strong and can be stronger with written or spoken words.

Another form is practicing energy shielding. Visualizing bringing down divine energy and letting it encompass you like an egg. With intention in your mind you are going to turn that energy into a protective casing. You can make this shield deflective so things can bounce off. You can visualize it as a brick wall that is impenetrable. As long as it is strong and the intent is to protect you from outside influences then it will do the trick. Shielding takes time to practice so don’t be disappointed if the first time you don’t succeed, just try again. Some people like to make the shield gold as amplification in protection. Others leave it white. I prefer to cloak, so that way my energy is hidden and it keeps me protected that way.

Others utilize talismans, sigils or even crystals on top of shielding and or prayer to amplify their protections. These tools on their own are better paired with the above as they are just that tools. For instance you could know one move in karate – but you would need to know the other four moves in order to fully protect yourself.

Just like day time protections it is also very important to make sure that your physical vessel is protected before sleeping. The reason for this is because most of us are not fully in our physical bodies while we are sleeping. Once again prayer is one way, having protective rocks around, having a shield running while you sleep. I’ve heard of certain herbs being used as well as an aid for protection work as well. I would say that prayer is probably the best bet before sleep as it is intention based and it’s a way of connecting ones self to the Universe for guidance.

Having crystals or pouches with assorted herbs that have protective properties under your pillow may assist in protection. However with crystals, you need to know which crystal will not only protect, but will not give you odd dreams or unrestful sleep. Some crystals are great during the daytime, but because our shields are a little less concentrated while we are resting other aspects of that crystal may come through while asleep.

Along with protecting yourself – it is just as important to protect your environment/living space. There are a few things you can do for this as well.

First off before putting any protective measures in place, make sure to clean your space. You can burn incense, cedar, or utilize energy in order to clean and clear ones space. After the space is cleansed, then you want to work on protective measures.

Salt or black salt will work just beautifully. You can use it along windowsills, doors and around the premise. Keep in mind though salt will kill plant life, so be mindful if you are going about your yard. You Personally I like to add a bit of extra’s with my salt, such as cloves to bring abundance, black pepper, chilli flakes or cayenne pepper and a smudge of cinnamon to amplify. And with my hands over the vessel that is carrying the ingredients I like to pour my intent with words or thoughts with protection. To keep all negativity out and only allow the good in.

If I don’t utilize this method (as in most cases I use this an amplification practice), I do a “house check”. Taking a moment to scan over my abode and the property to make sure that there are no “holes” in my protective barrier that I placed. Just like doing an energy shield on yourself, you can do that same for your home. Except you are projecting those protective energies outwards and around, above and under your abode. If you have property you will stretch that energy to the end of your property line. I usually affirm once I’ve done this, “that this barrier is now sealed” and repeat it three times.

You can add protective measures such as “landminds”, things like energy placements under the ground that if something bad were to ever cross over it would trip the landmind and send said negative entity back. You can also add energy “bells” that can act as an alarm to alert you intuitively that something is there that isn’t supposed to be there.

You can also use oils such as dragons blood (mixed with another oil like olive oil as you don’t want it seeping into your skin) to help anointment and protect as well. Placing a small dab in the four directions around doorways and windows saying the same affirmation. “Nothing bad can come in, only good (or positive)”.

If you want you can even do this technique with sigils or runes as well. Sigils and runes can be written on property as well , drawing it in the dirt or making it with rocks, sticks whatever you like.

It is very important to have both protection around you personally and around your space. It makes you less accessible and less likely to feel “attacked”.

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