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Tarot, Energy and Intoxication

Alcohol and Drugs – Unpopular Opinion

Now I know this will be an unpopular opinion especially amongst younger practitioners and younger readers. I get it. It’s fun to be free and live your life and do these things.

However, I feel obligated to tell the hard truth of the dangers of working while under the influence. It doesn’t matter if you have shield on or not. It doesn’t matter if you have powerful wards. When it comes down to it wards are made out of what again? Energy and intent.

I have often times seen too many readers or spiritualists offer free services while under the influence and it makes me cringe. Yes you may feel that you are more “in touch” or “better connected” to receive the information for others when you are reading, but do you know what you are doing to yourself when you do this? Do you know the harm in it?

First off let me tell you, I am no nun myself. I do have the occasional beverage here and there, but I do not get completely in the bag and start pulling out my cards. I don’t even go out into public spaces anymore because of how I am. There is no wrong in having the occasional beverage here and there and it isn’t something low vibrational. It’s the same as weed. It’s okay if you are utilizing this for say health reasons or to destress from time to time.

The harm in this; is that when one consumes such things you don’t have the strong energy to put forth in order to maintain your shield, your protections. Instead it creates a “warble” around your shield and auric field. This makes your shield appear to be more made out of swiss cheese or a very thin plastic wrap. Which both are easy enough to penetrate.

Grounding is another issue when one becomes under the influence because its harder to focus and you may end up grounding to an extent that it may make you ill.

Now when you are reading for someone; you are not just dealing with that clients energy, but you are dealing with what ever else may be present in their auric field or if you are a channel/intuitive you may end up attracting the wrong entities around you whilst doing the reading. All this plus the energy from a warbly higher state and client is bombarding.

If not protected or grounded what ends up happening is eventually your chakra’s (energy cores) can over time start to crack and fracture. It will usually start with the chakra that is the most vulnerable. When we deal with the purple and white chakra’s when they begin to crack or fracture; sight might become watered down, or it becomes to a point where things are too overwhelming, same goes for any abilities. If it continues what can happen is that you may find yourself experiencing delusions within your perceptions and the information you once received is no longer accurate or can’t be trusted.

I have seen people around me and people on the streets where their chakra’s are cracked or even broken and they end up seemingly talking to people who are “not there”, but through my eyes I see them talking to entities that are parasitic and are thriving and feeding off of them.

I have had the experience of being under the influence and picking up peoples energy around me and once having something inside of me trying to control my physical body. This amongst other occasions led me to laying in my bathtub with the shower on as I purged out the energy or that said entity (the one time). Why the bathtub? Water is a cleanser as we know. I knew enough to at least do this in order to assist in getting rid of whatever had followed me back. After being taken over from an entity, I vowed never to be that intoxicated or be drinking around the public again. It became a code for me, which I live up to. Now if I drink on the occasion, it is only with a few trusted friends in a private setting. A place of security is key for me and my energies so they aren’t bombarded by strangers and their energies and whatever else they may be sporting along.

Entities will often see the opportunity to pay you a visit as well while under the influence. Mind you it isn’t all good and mind you it may be tricksters that come lurking around too. This can cause them to stick around and leech off of you. Entities will see that you have no real boundaries put in place and find it easier to target and attach themselves. Remember that when you are operating as an intuitive/channel that you ARE the doorway. Leaving yourself exposed and intoxicated is like saying to everyone on the street “whose ready to party!” and you end up with some visitors that are toxic and eat all your food, sleep over and don’t want to leave because its so comfy. Same idea when it comes to entities.

Now as some left wing lightworkers would have you believe that being under the influence is “low-vibrational”…nope. It’s not low-vibrational, there are deities out there that like it when you offer them a cup of their favorite spirits. Not to mention the term “low-vibrational” is a term that is cringe worthy as low vibrations…it is more of a vibration that is closely associated with the Earthly vibrations and primitive vibrations then it has to do with negative context. It is alright to do these things, but as the old saying goes “in moderation”. Know your limits and know that when you are doing these things you are “off the clock” meaning don’t be pulling out your tarot to shuffle. Don’t be interacting with energies at this time. It is best to put things on mute while you are having some “down” or “fun” time. That in itself is probably the best form of protection that you can do while under the influence.

I didn’t write this to get people up in arms, or to shame practices…instead this was something that I wanted to share, to open your eyes and expand your mind to. This is something that is a grey area for the most part and I’m shedding my light and knowledge on the matter. As an energy worker it is important to me that your practices as well as yourself is safe and whole. Much warmth.

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