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The Empath dial

From my experience as an empath at a young age – feeling others emotional states and energy was a constant bombardment. I couldn’t understand why I was feeling the feelings that came out of the blue. Switching from being happy to all of sudden angry or sad. Then feeling others pain as well as seeing it. As a child feelings not only came from people, but from animals, plants and trees.

It wasn’t until I was closer into highschool that my mother taught me about the “dial” or volume control. I find that this is easier to imagine and utilize. This is a trick that can be utilized for many different circumstances, not just empathy. You can use it for other heightened psychic senses as well (sight, hearing, knowing, telepathy, smell ect.)

All you need to do is imagine an old volume dial control, from a radio/stereo, or even something similar to an oven. Imagine the points on the dial above low, medium, high. I don’t recommend an off button as sometimes regaining ones abilities can be tricky especially if we have them off for a long duration and its as if you are telling Universe you no longer wish to have this ability (so they will take it). Once you have all those lines settled in your mind along with the dial you then can place it somewhere on your body spiritually (example your arm). Don’t forget to label the dial for example “empathy”, you could mark yours “sight” if that is what you are working on.

At this point you can decide how much information you want to come through. Whether it be a lot (highest setting), just average amount (medium) or very little to non (low). Practice this tool, and practice it out in public – that is the best way to see if a tool is working. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again and maybe tweak it if you need to. Understand that a tool begins to function when one practices, hones the skill and works with it regularly.

Empathy is a useful skill as much as it can be a burden to some. You can use this while for instance giving a reading to someone, you can pick up on their emotions and emotional state over a particular situation. You can use empathy as part of healing. So being able to feel where someone’s pain or energy blocks are so you can remove them. Empathy is not all that bad, its just a matter of learning how to use it and how to turn down the “volume” so to speak sometimes.

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