Tarot Spreads

Zoom and Facebook messenger calls will be an additional $10.00 


One Question - A general question or guidance - $7.00  

Three card pull - Past, present, hidden influences, advice and possible future - $20.00     


Medium spread - An in-depth look at a current situation and possible outcome - $30.00  


Two path spread - A look into a current choice and the two different paths of this choice, the good, the bad and the outcomes - $25.00


The self polarity self - A look at your strengths and weaknesses in different aspects.  To help with self growth - $40.00

Your gifts - Gifts you are aware and unaware of.  What is blocking you and what can help you share your gifts? - $20.00

Self Love Spread - Need a boost of positivity?  Let's take a look at your positive traits! $25.00

Truth Spread - What is the truth?  Who/What has your back? What you don't want to see? $25.00

Career Spread - Where am I?  Where am I going? What I want and do not want? What do I  need? $20.00

New Career -  Essence of Career Change.  What is holding you back? What needs to be nurtured and protected?  How to learn from early failure. $25.00

Spirit Guide Advice-  A look at your beliefs, your relationship and what is blocking you with your spirit guide.  A look at different advices given in different areas of your life.  Good news they have for you.  Comforting message they have for you.  Pressing advice they have for you.  $45.00

Year long spread- A look at the entire year through the seasons and then the possible following year - $60.00


If you feel you don't have the time to do a zoom meeting or messenger meeting, there is the option to have a written copy of said reading sent to you via e-mail or other means.

Spirit Guide or Past Life painting

Make your choice between getting a past life or spirit guide painting.  This painting is done on a 9x12" water colour paper with water colour paints.  Combined with this painting is a 2 to 3 page write up that is informative and is an in depth reading about the painting and its symbols.  This process takes about 4-5 days for completion. A picture of your face will be requested in order to do this process in order for a strong connection to come through.  Shipping is covered but additional costs for tracking if requested will be included.  


Tracking not included.  If you wish tracking an additional $25.00 will be applied on top of original cost.

Energy Facilitation

If you've been feeling stressed, down or just needing to seek relaxation, then services would be for you.  Lay or sit comfortably while I facilitate healing energy to help sooth and calm your senses.  

Quick dusting - 15 minutes = $20.00  

In depth cleanse - 30-40 minutes $40.00 

Disclaimer: ** I do not get involved in legal matters. In no form am I a medical professional and any physical or mental ailments should be reviewed by a doctor or psychiatrist/psychologist. The seeker understands that Tarot is fun entertainment and should treat it as such. The seeker also understands that the outcome of any reading can change if the seeker does not like what is heard. I am no way responsible or liable for what the seeker does with the information given as it is intended for entertainment.**