Cynthia L.W. recommends The Eternal Circle.  (March 10, 2021)

I have been going to Jasmine for a few years now! She has been spot on with my readings. Helped me with a few aspects, highly recommend Jasmine!


Dana Finlay recommends The Eternal Circle.  (March 7, 2021)

Jasmine was an awesome listener and got right to the point and didn’t sugar coat anything.  She’s amazing at what she does and I HIGHLY recommend her!


Adriana recommends The Eternal Circle (March 25, 2021)

Got a reading from Jasmine F @psychic_mommy!  She picked up on my energy well and the other persons and was able to explain my situation and give me clarity. I feel better and relived now. Thank you!


Mage of Aquarius (April 8, 2021) -Twitter

If you’re looking for a careful, thorough and accurate reading, you really ought consider @psychic_mommy


Maraym @NotyourMaraym (April 8, 2021) – Twitter

I feel very warm and encouraged by this wonderful woman who needs to be recognised and lifted.  Thank you again Jasmine <3


Vulpa Rose (April 12, 2021) – Twitter

Guys, get a reading from @psychic_mommy.  Jasmine’s energy is so full of love and her readings are insightful and resonate.  Do it!  Do it now! 

Mattastic (April 8, 2021) - Twitter

@psychic_mommy have me a Litty general reading, confirmation, confirmation oh how I love confirmation.  It's good to know I'm on the right path!

Tess (April 8, 2021) - Twitter

I can't recommend jasmine enough take advantage of this!  her energy is unmatched and so kind.

Skyler - (August 8, 2021) - Twitter

Also just a reminder that @psychic_mommy is quite literally the kindest person on this app!  And her readings?! Spot on, every single time! thoroughly pleased by this reading I received and looking forward to booking more in the very near future. 

Lor=Na (Sept 14, 2021) - Twitter

Just had a reading with @psychic_mommy.  It was the confirmation of where I am and where I'm headed.  It was spot on.  Very lovely to work with her and very much appreciative of her time and energy.

Paolo - Twitter

Jasmine!!  Thank you for this very in depth and insightful reading experience!  The time, dedication and effort you spent really shines through!  Thank you so much again.   What a beautiful soul you are!  Thank you so much again!

Owl (October 21, 2021) - Twitter

I had a reading from Jasmine, her work is very good, accurate, human and empathetic.  Request a consultation with her, you will get valuable and important insights.

Sheoftheblade (Jan 22, 2022)- Twitter

Do yourself a favor this new year-book a reading with @psychic_mommy!  The gift this woman has >>>forever grateful for the reading I received tonight and to be able to call her a friend!  But seriously though book with her!  The accuracy!!

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