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Jasmine wants to be able to bring guidance to your life by providing the following:

Channeled Readings

With what ever tarot spread you choose; Jasmine will allow Spirit and her higher self to convey message through using her cards.  Her messages are delivered with honesty and warmth.





Spirit Guide Painting

Channeled Art provided by Jasmine.  Have you always wondered what your spirit guide looks like?  This wonderful reading comes with a painting and a 2-3 page write.  Jasmine takes a look at what message your Spirit Guide wishes to convey along with any symbols they have provided through out the painting.


Colorful Crystal

Facilitated Energy Healing

Let all those negative emotions, stresses and worries leave your body as Jasmine facilitates healing energy to make you feel joy and more at peace.  





Past life Painting

Past life portrait painting that comes with a 2-3 page reading write up.   This provides people with an idea of what time era they came from.  Not only that it gives people ideas of where personality traits, phobias or blockages may surface now that may stem from a past life.  Jasmine is able to give those a sense of comfort and closure through this service.


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